Interdisciplinary Research

Integrative Metacognition


I am part an interdisciplinary research innovation incubator (including others in Psychology and Neuroscience, Chemistry, Writing/Rhetoric, German & Slavic Languages, Classics, Asian Studies, Cognitive Science, and Computer Science) to incorporate technology to enhance student success. We are collaborating to leverage the power of metacognition and assess its impacts on student learning and engagement.   I have presented research of approaching this problem in the past, and developed a model for integration (figure, right)

Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Pedagogy Training

I am a participant in a NSF-funded research coordination network incubator to conduct research on teaching professional development in graduate students. There are a variety of professionals from undergraduate institutions (mostly biological sciences) which  work under this framework, including three separate cohorts of researchers. In addition, I secured funding to perform a course transformation on a graduate pedagogy seminar under the advice of faculty in two biological disciplines, enhanced by this research collaboration.

Intersectionality in STEM

Intersectionality theory provides a wealth of information in which to understand the multidimensional nature of identity, and how these intersect with STEM. This is especially true in the classroom, where function is likely increased with increased diversity. In collaboration with other people who work in Ecology and Molecular Biology, there is a great amount to be learned and explored in this area.